Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's that time again... Thankful Thursday. Today I am going to make it light since next week will be so thankful for thanksgiving!!

1) Macy's
I think I have told some of you that I stole from Macy's this week and I was not kidding:) I went on Tuesday night after girls night with my mums group and found the following items. 1) 3 piece suit for hubs 2) 4 french cuffed dress shirts for hubs 3) 2 ties for Eric (oh and don't worry I got myself a dress for my 10 year high school reunion) Well all that cost us a whopping $436. Well the next day mom and I went back to Macy's and all the shirts were on sale way more as were the ties. All I had with me was my receipt so we stood in line (thanks Gigi for being patient... someone should ask her this side of the story) for 30 min. and the adjusted my total. I added 3 more shirts (one pink that is awesome) and then they credited by bill back $50. Can you believe that... oh I was pumped!

2) Ho Ho Movies...
We just got the digitally remastered christmas classics. John Hunter so foundly refers to them as Ho Ho Movies... but he loves them and so do I. They make it feel like Christmas (doesn't help that it is snowing outside)

3) circle K
I found a drink I loved at Starbucks called a Vanilla steamer... yummy is all I can say. But it was also $3.25. I happened to walk into circle K the other day and they had the same drink for $1.25. It is the small things like that which make me happy:)

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