Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Gigi

November 26th marks a very special day.... it is Gigi's birthday. This day usually falls around Thanksgiving and I cannot think of a person I am more thankful for. So in honor of the 26th of November... here are 26 reason I am so thankful for my mom

26) She is always up for shopping
25) She makes the worlds best pretzel salad
24) She listens wholeheartedly
23) She is selfless
22) She taught me the words to every hymn
21) She loves Jesus with all her heart
20) She loves my husband like a son
19) She has always been supportive of me
18) She makes me laugh (the snow story has to be the best)
17) She is the best Gigi in the WHOLE wide world
16) When she is around FUN is always involved
15) She modeled (and is modeling) a Proverbs 31 women
14) She has compassion on EVERYONE
13) She teaches me everyday about being a mom
12) She is an awesome sister, friend, aunt, cousin, sister in law, and family member
11) She puts EVERYONE above herself
10) She has happy fingers
09) She is sucker for lifetime movies
08) She is a crack up at watching sporting events.... (no UK basketball for her)
07) She can do just about any and everything... from sewing to painting to cooking....
06) She loves to do the little things for me (clean my house, go to the store, and laundry)
05) She loves my dad ALL the time!
04) She makes a mean carrot cake
03) She raised me to be confident, educated, and loving towards others
02) She made putting God first a true priority in life!
01) God called her to be the perfect mom for me!

Happy Birthday Mom.... We love you!


Mama Smors said...

This makes me cry!!
27) Gigi is an excellent Gigi to Ivy also!!
What an amazing woman~ and Kendra, I think that you have a lot of those qualities that your mama taught you!

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

You made me cry too! 28 - She was also a good "mom" to your friends growing up who didn't want to be around their own moms at the time. :)