Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a great Trick or Treat day.... the day started with the cutest little Ivy Girl as a UK Cheerleader and JH as a Vikings quarterback!!! We went to Sarah's school and heard halloween stories, ate sugar cookies, and played during recess. It was so much fun but on the way home I had 2 tired trick or treaters. Least to say they took really good naps that afternoon to gear up for the big night!

Another good note on the day was that dad come home from the hospital. He is recovering well... tired and in pain, but adjusting. If you think about it lift up a prayer for him and mom.

For trick or treat night our friends the Purvis' came over for some taco soup and halloween fun. The boys did great and had a good time. It was so funny watching them... and there are some funny stories, bout you'll have to ask Jen about that!!! They got some good candy but no money. Apparently they were not "OLD" enough for the money that the old man was passing out down the street. Oh well!!!

Here are some pictures of the cutest quarterback, frog, and baby you have ever seen.

Saturday I particiapted in the Rosa Parks Fall Mall. It was a good experience to get our feet wet and we did pretty well. When I got home my pups were tired so I rested a bit and then went on a date with my husband. This is kinda a rare thing because we NEVER go out without John Hunter or without another couple, but it was SOOOOO much fun. We went to the new Bar Louie (which I highly recommend) and then walked around Joseph Beth and tried on some shoes I want. It was super fun. Caroline came and watched John Hunter and he had blast with her and Alexa. What a fun night we had... so much fun we are already talking about when we are doing it again!

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Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I love them in their little matching jammies! Turner has the same ones but they're in the "old man" style.