Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up Up and Away

So we have had LONG week. On Monday John Hunter decided that a nap was not in the cards for him. We brought him down to our bed... no luck. Took him back up to his bed, and he took a flying leap out of his crib and landed flat on his back. Monday night... same thing! I went to monogram at moms house... and John Hunter started screaming around 8:30. Eric got him and put him down in our bed... he slept ok ,but not great!

We knew that something was wrong... so off to see Dr. Wilkes we went. Well a double ear infection and red throat is what our problem is. It was so sad. He was so pitiful. All he wanted was to be held. He went to Gigi's while I went and got his script.... and even that didn't seem to help. So some meds and a 3 hour night... and our son came back:)

It didn't help that he had the coolest pj's on. Eric wanted a pair in his size (good thing they dont make those). So we spent yesterday with Superman and Miss Patty Cake. Life always seems to be better with her. And yes we have busted out Miss Patty Cake Christmas... get excited.

Last night for dinner I made soup and grilled cheese and some apple cider (which JH refers to as coffee). He had some and them spilled it...

so what did he do! Mopped it up.

Today has been a better day with resting and what not... and I am so thankful that we are on the mends. Now I may go get a shower:)

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Mama Smors said...

JH is the cutest sick boy I've ever seen. And I might just pay to see Eric in some matching pj's! :)
Glad JH is feeling better!