Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So this Thursday installment of Thankful Thursday has been harder than I thought. I am thankful for so much, but this has been a really tiring week! With a sick baby, and now a sick husband... Tired Thursday would be a better title. All that said... here is this weeks Thankful Thursday

1) Being a stay at home mom

This is something I have always wanted to be. My mom encouraged me to add this to my weekly list because it is a such a great honor. Eric works really hard to make this happen. I know I am so blessed and some times I take that or granted. But I am so grateful that no one but me gets to be in the day to day life of John Hunter. So in the midst of madness and mopping I will be thankful.

2) Nyquil...

Along with JH and Eric both being sick, I am feeling a little under the weather as well. I have enjoyed cuddling up with a good book (Twilight) and resting. I have gotten some great sleep thanks to Nyqil.. and am super thankful for this drug!

3) Wal Mart Pharmacy

This is where I picked up the drugs that helped John Hunter feel better. It has been a long time since it has been that bad. I was so grateful to get the meds to make his ears and throat better.

4) Cedarmont Kids....

This DVD has been on repeat play since 8 AM. That means I have watched this DVD over 16 times today alone. Every time I offer to change the channel John Hunter starts to scream (ME ME) Which stands for... Jesus loves the little ones like "Me me me." These videos had to have been made circa 1980. They are rough. But the music is great. And if John Hunter loves it... well then Cedarmont Kids it is. However I do have a coupon laying out for Cedarmont Christmas. We are in need of a change of video!

5) Last but no least... Lysol

I now feel like my house is scented with the sweet smell of Lysol. But if it keeps the germs away... the so be it!

Oh wait... I am thankful for this little guy too!

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