Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

I have been tagged again-
I am to tell you 6 things that make me HAPPY and then tag 6 people to think about the 6 things that make them!! I am sure some of you won't play and I guess I forgive you for not jumping into the blogging world whole heartily!

I have decided to focus on the little things in life because I am sure most of you could quickly rattle off the 6 "you guessed it" things that make me HAPPY. So here it goes:

1. Clean Sheets.... there is nothing I love more than clean sheets. When they come right out of the dryer and smells so fresh. I think if I like laundry more I would do my sheets every day just for clean sheets.

2. Hymns. You start talking hymns and I am your girl. I love them all (except ONE) but I love them. Friends (mostly Britney) tease me that John Hunter is going to HATE them when he is older because everything he does revolves around hymns. EXAMPLE: When I need John Hunter to stand up we sing "stand up stand up for Jesus"

3. Panera. In particular their orange scone. That little lovey makes me REALLY REALLY happy... and fat.

4. Balloons. Not that this is coming as a shock to anyone... but I love balloons. I wanted them in my wedding but the groom but the axe on that. They make me smile, and they make John Hunter do the same. I love that he lights up when he sees them. I clearly don't get balloons enough (ahemm..... ERIC). But when I do get them... it is a great treat!

5. Books... any and all books make me happy. I love to read. Any and every kind of book. I can escape to somewhere else, or find ways to better myself. It usually involves taking a bath while reading so that helps too.

6. Writing... you might not know it from this Blog. But I love to write/speak. I enjoy writing down my thoughts on any and everything.... it find comfort in it. When I get to write it make me happy... sort of a thrill.

So I ask you-

Jen, Whitney, Cassie, Emily, Stefany, and Kelli

What makes you happy?

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