Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 year check up

John Hunter had his 2 year check up today... only a couple of weeks late, but oh well! He is a very healthy 2 year old. I love our ped. so much and I was so sad to tell him that we were moving. He has been my ped. since I was 18 months old. We love you Dr. Wilkes, but he had some encouragement to offer about finding a new ped. and prayed with John Hunter and I that we would find a godly doc there.... oh please answer that prayer great LORD!

So here are a few stats on my little man:

- He is in the 12% for weight (something they are a little concerned about since he has LOST 3 lbs. since his 18 month appt.)

- He is in the 96% for height. If he continues on this growth pattern, by the time he graduates high school he will be 6'4.

- He has excellent fine motor and large motor skills. Great vocab, and I quote "a personality that could make discipline difficult" Like i didn't already know that!

So we have had a good day, full of encouragment, voted this morning, went to breakfast, and even got some Christmas shopping done!

Happy Election day!!!

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